Our Story

The year was 1988….

No, okay, maybe that is too far. How about 2018? I was always happy to make gifts rather than purchase them. My DIY skills had yet to fail me when it came to gift exchange and I was a bit of a dabbler. Crocheting, baking, candle making… You get the picture.

I decided this year I would make a lotion, candle and body scrub for a couple of girlfriends as a Christmas present. The immediate feedback was, intense. They continued to say that I needed to sell them and they weren’t just being nice.

Finally my love for crafting had taken a solid direction. There was only thing I loved more than a good craft project, marijuana. I started smoking as a teenager and as an adult I continued the love affair. As we all know, the benefits of marijuana along with the distinction of CBD and THC have been spreading.

Being full of anxious energy I decided to explore the benefits of CBD further. I do still smoke but not nearly as much. My chronic back pain and anxiety have lessened significantly and the idea was born. Why not mix my two long term loves? And just like that, the little dabbler found a main focus.

The business was formerly known as CBD Mana Potions but with the division of a partnership birthed a new company, owned solely by me.

I have handcrafted and handmade all products and recipes. I couldn’t be happier with the result, I hope you are too!